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Integra Mighty Oaks


Why Finance is important for you

  • Preserves Cash Flow keeps valuable cash resources within your business, allowing a better return on your capital

  • Tax benefits & Savings lease rentals are fully deductible for qualifying customers, enhancing the value of the facility + fixed rental costs

  • £50,000 or £1,100 per month..... Allows you to focus on lower, affordable monthly payments

  • Return on Investment (ROI) -  the benefits from using the asset can be linked to the monthly finance cost: E.g.; Equipment is financed over 3 or 5 years but additional revenue generated could pay for it in 18 months or less

  • Alternative to Bank based funding lease finance provides a more realistic and cost effective solution separate to your existing credit lines

  • Peace of Mind   we can provide an analysis of what is right for your business and take care of the proposal and documentation

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